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COVID-19 anxiety syndrome: A pandemic phenomenon?

COVID-19 anxiety syndrome is an emerging phenomenon defined by compulsive symptom checking and avoiding leaving the house, even when the health risks are minimal. Photo: Pexels

(Kimberly Drake/ Medical News Today) — Over a year has passed since SARS-CoV-2 began to spread across the world. Its appearance, which first caused mild concern, soon turned into serious worry as more people received a diagnosis of COVID-19.

In the beginning, scientists knew very little about this novel virus and the disease it caused. The unknowns and the virus’s remarkably rapid spread incited fear among health professionals, scientists, and the public.

Soon, restricted travel, lockdowns, mask mandates, and physical distancing protocols were implemented as a tactic to slow COVID-19’s spread. Widespread media coverage detailed every nuance of an ever-changing pandemic landscape as world leaders and health experts waged war on this invisible threat. (…)

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