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Could your headache be dangerous? 5 signs to watch for

Instead of fixating on pain severity, think about whether any feature of your headache is out of the ordinary for you. Getty Images

(Kristen Kendrick/ NPR) –– Of all the aches and pains I spend my days investigating as a family doctor, none seem to be as anxiety-provoking as a headache. And that’s often true, both for patients wondering, “Could this be something dangerous?” and for clinicians trying to get to the root of pain that can be totally unexplained and yet completely debilitating.

Concerns about headaches in my practice have picked up over the past year as we’ve seen them as a symptom in acute COVID-19 infections and among long-haulers — and more recently when news broke about the (very, very few) brain clots linked to the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. (…)

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