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Can this technique revolutionize reconstructive surgery?


(Maria Cohut/ Medical News Today) — A new, quick and easy technique for reshaping cartilage and other living tissue could change the way surgeons carry out certain reconstructive interventions, such as repairing septum deviations.

The originators of the new technique described it at the Spring 2019 National Meeting and Exposition of the American Chemical Society in Orlando, FL. The method suggests an innovative way of reshaping cartilage and other tissue containing collagen easily — and without scarring.

The research team — from Occidental College in Los Angeles, CA, and the University of California in Irvine — explains that, as it stands, much of reconstructive surgery, such as interventions to reshape the nose or ears, are invasive and may lead to scarring.

Such procedures involve cutting through live tissue, carving into cartilage, suturing the skin, and potential scarring after the intervention, as well as a long recovery period. (…)

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