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Can dogs really detect cancer? A Montreal study aims to find out

A dog trainer watches Bobby, a Labrador Retriever, sniffs samples of human sweat through containers to detect the COVID-19 coronavirus at the Veterinary Faculty at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand, 

(The Canadian Press/ CTV News) — A joint study by the University of Montreal’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and the Institut Curie in Paris will test whether dogs can really detect the smell of cancer or even COVID-19, as some experiments have suggested.

These experiments have offered some hope that a dog could one day be asked to sniff a patient’s breath to check for lung cancer or to walk through an airport looking for COVID-infected passengers based on the smell of their sweat.

In a systematic review of these studies, however, the Quebec and French researchers found that these results were based on very small samples and that the dogs may have fooled the humans. (…)