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9 food ideas to help you sleep well

Carbohydrates in berries can help to amplify serotonin production in the brain, while yogurt is a source of sleep-promoting tryptophan.

(Lisa Drayer/ CNN News) — Did you know that what you eat can affect your sleep? That’s right — there are foods that can help us enjoy a blissful night’s rest, while other foods and eating habits can prevent us from getting our needed zzz’s.

“Foods higher in specific nutrients can enhance our ability to go to sleep and the quality of sleep,” said Vandana Sheth, a California-based registered dietitian nutritionist who provides counseling about diet and sleep hygiene to clients.That’s probably welcome news for those of us who experience sleep problems occasionally or just about every night.

Below is a list of snacks and dinner foods worth considering for a good night’s sleep. (…)

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