76 top self-care tips for taking care of you during the pandemic

Sometimes self-care is about knowing when you’re getting overloaded or overwhelmed, and responding with micro habits that prevent all-out burnout.

(Sarah DiGiulio, Elizabeth Millard, Jessica Migala/ Everyday Health) –– Are you feeling a little under-self-cared-for? Many things can get in the way of us taking care of ourselves, including family caregiving responsibilities, work, social commitments, and more.

But, ultimately, when we do take care of ourselves and our needs is when we’re best able to show up for all of the other people and responsibilities in our lives.

“Self-care is not selfish,” explains Christine Carter, PhD, a sociologist and senior fellow at the Greater Good Science Center at the University of California in Berkeley. Focusing on what makes us feel nourished and what gives us meaning is part of easing feelings of stress and anxiety and giving us a more solid foundation, she says. (…)