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7 ways to relieve menopausal hot flashes

Many foods or substances within them can trigger a bout of hot flashes, including alcohol, caffeine, and cayenne and other spices. Getty Images

(Tracee Cornforth/ Very Well Health) — If you’re approaching or in the midst of the “change of life,” or menopause, hot flashes are probably an unwelcome visitor. Hot flashes can include a feeling of intense heat, sweating, flushed cheeks, increased heart rate, and even tingling. These symptoms are often the bane of menopausal people everywhere.

Due to plummeting estrogen levels, about 75% of all menopausal people experience hot flashes—a symptom that lasts for about two years, but some can experience it for longer. Hot flashes usually start before the final menstrual cycle, but the transition of menopause (marking 12 months from the last period) and its symptoms can start up to seven years prior to the cessation of bleeding. (…)

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