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10 tips for coping with chemotherapy

Your emotional health during chemotherapy is just as important as your physical health. Chemotherapy is stressful. It can disrupt your personal life, work, and relationships. Photo: Pexels

(Sarah Lewis/ Healthgrades) — Chemotherapy—or chemo—affects everyone differently. It depends on the type and stage of cancer, your general health before starting chemotherapy, and the specific drug and dose. While there are countless drugs and combinations, there are a few common side effects and issues. Use these tips to help you cope with some of the challenges of chemotherapy.

Fatigue is one of the most common problems people experience. If you are very tired, it’s important to talk to your doctor. Fatigue can result from more than just the chemotherapy drugs. Anemia, infection and dehydration can also cause fatigue. If your doctor rules out other causes, you can manage fatigue with lifestyle changes. Light exercise, such as yoga or walking can help. Make sure you are eating right, adjusting your work or activity schedule, and resting as well. (…)

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