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Would you recognize the signs of ovarian cancer?

The symptoms can be mistaken for less-serious things like IBS, or even period pain, and include pain in the lower abdomen or side, irregular periods, being sick and going to the bathroom often. Photo: Pexels

(Jess Commons/ Refinery 29) –– For many young women (myself included), female-specific cancers seem like an older person’s game – something we’ll worry about when the menopause comes, or even later, when we’re sitting in an old people’s home.

Actually, though, when it comes to ovarian cancer, nearly half of cases are found in women under 65. And almost two thirds of us (again, myself included) are not confident in recognizing the telltale symptoms of ovarian cancer, according to a study from BMI Healthcare.

According to 2019 research from the charity Ovarian Cancer Action, 82% of women are unable to name the four main symptoms, while 70% could be ignoring the telltale signs of the deadly disease. Ovarian cancer is the fifth most common cancer for women in Canada and is the most serious women’s cancer. (…)

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