Why exercise is still important during cancer treatment

If you worked out regularly before your treatment, you may need to lower the intensity a bit. But you don’t need to drastically change the amount of time you exercise. Photo: Pexels

(Alexandra Benisek/ Web MD) –– Doctors used to tell people with cancer not to do much physical activity during treatment. While it’s important to avoid movements that cause pain or other issues, more recent research suggests that exercise is not only safe, but helpful during your cancer treatment.

In fact, too much rest can cause you to lose muscle strength, body function, and range of motion.

The right workout can give you a better quality of life and help you feel better.

Doctors don’t know exactly how physical activity changes how you recover from cancer. But there are many ways that regular movements can help during and after your cancer treatment.

Some doctors believe that exercise during cancer treatment may also help your immune system fight tumors. (…)