Top 8 New Year’s resolutions to make for your mental health

Not only does talking about your anxiety help break down any stigma left, but it’s also important for your relationships’ health. Photo: Pexels

(Taylor Leamey/ CNET) — Resolutions are the decision to do something. At the start of each year, we make resolutions to be happier or become the best versions of ourselves. Unfortunately, most of us let go of a few of our goals when the going gets tough. 

New Year’s resolutions about your mental health should never be sacrificed. However, making goals too big for us to meet can backfire and hurt our well-being. So, take care when making them. Here are the top eight New Year’s resolutions to help manage your anxiety.

Resolutions don’t need to be sweeping declarations of action. They should be living concepts that you can change and tweak as needed. Always remember to act with self-compassion. Your goals should be made to help you live a happier life, not bully yourself into ignoring your circumstances. (…)