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The 8 foods to eat to reduce your lifetime risk of breast cancer

Dark leafy greens, such as broccoli and kale contain a chemical called sulforaphane that has anti-cancer properties, according to studies. Getty Images

(Caitlin Mucerino/ The Beet) — Breast cancer is the number one cancer among women in the US, afflicting about 276,000 women a year, or 1 in every 8 women over their lifetime, which is why so many of us are searching for ways to reduce the risk of a diagnosis.

On a positive note, when detected in the earliest stages breast cancer is 99 percent treatable to a five-year cure. Even better news: Eating to lower your lifetime risk of breast cancer is as simple as choosing a whole food, plant-based approach. 

To be clear, nothing you eat directly causes or prevents cancer, but new research shows that you can lower your risk by the lifestyle choices you make.

“Preventative dietary measures include reducing the intake of alcohol, red meat, and fat while increasing intake of fiber and vitamin D as well as phytoestrogens from various food sources,” according to one study that looked at the role of diet and breast cancer risk. All in all, nutrition impacts 35 percent of all breast cancer cases, the study found. (…)

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