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Exhausted? Here are 5 ways to help navigate burnout and prioritize what’s important

My spouse and I have lunch dates, dinner dates, and go out on the boat together without the children as much as we can.

(Ka’Dia Dhatnubia/Savannah Morning News) — As a father, husband, business owner and pediatric chiropractor, Kaleb Scroggin, DC CACCP, is more than familiar with a packed schedule and the risk of drowning in all the obligations.

Burnout is always a lurking concern when being a small business owner, especially when that business is a doctor’s office.

You care for patients all day, making sure that you not only help them get better, but also making sure that you don’t overlook any red flags indicated by some off-hand statement the patient makes when their intake paperwork looks immaculate, like that of an Olympic athlete. All while raising two children and maintaining a relationship with your spouse. (…)