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Early signs of breast cancer perfectly illustrated in photo of lemons


(Leah Groth/ Prevention) — October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which means you are going to see a lot of pink ribbons, hear compelling stories from breast cancer survivors and be reminded about the importance of regular self-exams and screenings with your doctor. All extremely important.

But if there is one thing you absolutely need to absorb over these next 31 days, it is a photo from the Know Your Lemons Campaign. Titled What Breast Cancer Looks & Feels Like, it describes and depicts just that — with the help of a dozen lemons. And every woman should look at it, share it with their friends and memorize it, because it could seriously save someone’s life from breast cancer.

The photo, created by Corrine Ellsworth Beaumont of the nonprofit Worldwide Breast Cancer, not only physically shows some of the lesser known physical signs of breast cancer — such as bumps, skin erosions and dimpling — but also details the symptoms. These include heat, invisible lumps, and thick masses. (…)

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