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Advances in technology give doctors a clearer picture of the origins of breast cancer


(Andrew Kinsey/ WTOL 11) — The fight against breast cancer rages on. It’s a battle being waged on multiple fronts, and major technological advancements now give doctors a clearer view of the culprit.

Breast cancer survivor Jennifer Bowman, recounts the moments that forever changed her life. Doctors diagnosed her with with an aggressive form of breast cancer – stage 2 HER-2 positive breast cancer.

“The first thing the doctor said to me, it isn’t good,” Bowman said. “Obviously it was surreal. You don’t think it’s going to happen to you.”

Bowman had no family history of cancer, and hers was caught during a routine mammogram. Doctors spotted the disease using new 3-D technology called tomosynthesis.

“All the radiologists are unbelievably impressed with this new technology. We are definitely finding breast cancers that are smaller and would have been missed on previous mammograms,” said Dr. Malcolm Doyle, a radiologist at ProMedica Toledo Hospital. (…)

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