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5 signs you might have uterine fibroids


(Nataliya Stefanus/ Baltimore Post-Examiner) — When you hear the phrase uterine fibroids you can easily get scared, but these non-cancerous tumors are more common than you might think and less dangerous too. Many women don’t even know they have fibroids, because they can be asymptomatic. In fact, only a third of all women suffering from this condition actually experience any symptom at all. This is due to the wide range of fibroids, from their type to their location and size.

According to specialists in fibroids treatment, they can be diagnosed during a routine pelvic exam or an ultrasound. In rare cases, the doctor will perform a laparoscopy, to locate the fibroid. If the condition doesn’t come with symptoms, they can be left alone. If the fibroids are the source of severe pain or other issues, you can receive painkillers or hormonal medication to help shrink them. In extreme cases, you might get surgery.

If you suspect you might have fibroids you can watch out for the signs in this list, but keep in mind that each of them can be caused by something else, so until your ob-gyn diagnoses you with fibroids during an ultrasound, you can’t know if you do suffer from this condition.

Heavy periods
Heavy periods are a potential sign of fibroids, most commonly those which grow inside the uterus. Generally, any obstruction can lead to heavy periods, but if you’ve always had a more consistent flow you don’t have to worry. If you notice your periods become heavier in time, you should check with your doctor. (…)

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