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Acupuncture can ease pain in cancer survivors

Both acupuncture groups reported better physical and mental quality of life compared to the usual care group. Both acupuncture groups also reported using less pain medicine compared to the usual care group. Photo: Pexels

(Jamie DePolo/ Breast Cancer. Org. ) –– Two types of acupuncture were better than physical therapy, steroids, and pain medicine usually used to ease ongoing muscle and/or joint pain among cancer survivors, according to a study. The research was published online on March 18, 2021, by JAMA Oncology.

In acupuncture, sterile, single-use, hair-thin needles are inserted into specific points on the body. Scientists think that acupuncture causes the nervous system to release natural pain-killing chemicals and immune system cells that then travel to weakened areas of the body and relieve pain symptoms.

Research strongly suggests that acupuncture is better than the usual treatments for ongoing pain not caused by cancer or its treatment. It can help relieve fatigue, control hot flashes, help decrease nausea, and reduce vomiting. (…)

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