VM-Med physicians use PET/CT scans to detect tumors, assess the aggressiveness of a cancer, and determine the stage of cancers, using the results to determine the most appropriate treatment. In some cases, the PET/CT examination leads to the detection of new metastasis, leading to treatment that is better suited to the patient’s actual condition.

A PET/CT examination merges two methods of medical imaging, obtaining images of the anatomy (CT exam) and of the metabolic activity of the body cells (PET exam). To perform a PET/CT scan, a glucose-based radioactive substance (FDG-F18) is injected intravenously. Since body cells use glucose as their main energy source, they absorb the injected FDG-F18 and the cancerous cells, which have an increased metabolism, will accumulate a greater quantity of the substance than the healthy cells. Just one hour after the injection, images are obtained: first a CT, immediately followed by PET images. The two series’ of images are then fused to allow the accurate localization of FDG-F18 hyperfixation areas.


The PET/CT examination is a recognized tool in the field of oncology and is a very efficient way to obtain:

  • characterization of indeterminate solitary pulmonary nodules;
  • preoperative staging to evaluate mediastinal and distant metastasis of non-small cell lung cancers;
  • staging of colorectal cancers;
  • staging of Hodgkin’s disease and non-Hodgkin lymphomas;
  • an evaluation of the presence of metastasis in cases of melanoma;
  • an evaluation of the extent of loco-regional recurrence and distant metastasis, as well as of the treatment response in cases of breast cancer;
  • staging of head and neck cancers, and esophagus cancers;
  • staging of well differentiated thyroid gland cancers characterized by a positive thyroglobulin and negative Iodine-131 scan;
  • differentiation between the recurrence of a brain tumour and radiation necrosis due to previous radiation treatment.
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