VM-Med Nuclear Medicine and PET/CT offers patients rapid access to bone and cardiac examinations and PET/CT, which is used for cancer detection and monitoring, evaluation of treatment response, and the early detection of Alzheimer’s disease. The Center also offers CT scan examinations with or without injection of a contrast medium.


Dedicated Staff, Using the Latest Technology

Nuclear medicine specialists and radiologists who combine extensive academic training with real world experience, ensuring a high level of expertise, conduct our diagnostic imaging examinations.

Our center is characterized by the courtesy and competence of our highly qualified personnel, with every effort made to ensure the comfort of our patients and to offer them personalized service in a pleasant environment.

What Is Nuclear Medicine?

Nuclear medicine imaging is a safe, painless way of producing images of the human body with the help of radioactive isotopes. These advanced diagnostic tools allow for very early detection of abnormalities that might not be seen through other imaging techniques.

While diagnostic radiology mainly assesses organ and tissue anatomy, nuclear medicine also allows us to evaluate the functioning (metabolism) of the studied structure. There are 2 types of exams in our field – scintigraphies and PET/CT scans.

Nuclear Medicine, PET/CT and CT scans
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