Comment méditer 10 minutes par jour pour préserver sa santé mentale?

Below are six techniques for working meditation and the mindfulness that comes with it into your daily life. 

(Mark Stibitch/ Very Well Mind) –– Sometimes the biggest challenge in learning a new skill or practice like meditation is learning how to fit it into your routine. Most everyone has those days when it is a feat to even have showered, let alone setting time aside to sit quietly and meditate.

Here you will learn how to fit your meditation practice into your busy day—perhaps when you need it the most. Give the skills outlined below a try for one week. Consider it a one-week experiment in learning how to take what you’ve learned into the “real world.” Make a commitment to follow these simple steps every day of the week.

A good meditation practice does not end when the timer goes off. Too often, once a meditation session stops, it may only take moments before you get caught up in the stresses and routines of the day and many of the benefits of having had meditated are erased. (…)