L’excès de poids doublerait le risque de développer un cancer de l’endomètre

This study provides strong confirmatory evidence with the relationship between obesity and endometrial cancer. This association has been known for years.

(Julia Reis/ Healthline) –– New research from the University of Bristol found that excess weight may almost double an individual’s risk of endometrial cancer, also known as womb cancer.

Endometrial cancer occurs when cells in the lining of the uterus or the endometrium become cancerous and start growing out of control.

For every 5 body mass index (BMI) unit increase, the risk of endometrial cancer almost doubles (a risk increase of about 88 percent), according to the study, which was published in BMC Medicine Monday.

Previous evidence has linked excess weight to various types of cancer, like breast cancer. Still, the new report is one of the first to specifically look at how lifelong obesity impact’s a person’s risk of developing endometrial cancer. (…)