Digital mammogram remains the base imaging exam for breast cancer screening. VM-Med utilizes only direct digital mammography equipment.

Patients being seen by a physician in our breast center on the same day as their mammography exam benefit from receiving their mammography results during their visit, greatly reducing anxiety associated with result delays. VM-Med is accredited by the Canadian Association of Radiologists in mammography.

What is direct digital mammography and what are its benefits?

Direct digital mammography is different from what is often referred to as “digital mammography” which is simply the digitization of analogue film. With direct digital mammography, images are captured and reviewed digitally, offering many benefits over standard mammography. Direct digital mammography is known to be significantly more accurate in detecting breast cancers than either analogue or digital mammography. Direct digital also emits significantly less radiation than traditional mammography

What is CAD and what are its benefits?

All of VM-Med’s mammography reading stations are equipped with Computer-Aided Detection (CAD) software, which further improves accuracy by highlighting suspicious areas.

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