VM-Med offers several types of examinations for the evaluation of the hepatic system. Liver-spleen scintigraphy allows the evaluation of the condition of hepatic and spleen cells, and the detection of focal lesions (cyst, abscess) or diffuse dysfunctions (steatosis, cirrhosis).

We are also able to evaluate the condition of the bile duct by visualizing bile formation and elimination.  This examination is particularly useful to diagnose cholecystitis, which is an obstruction of the bile duct caused by a mass or a stone.  A common name for this exam (this could be written on your referral) is HIDA.

Finally, red blood cells scintigraphy is a very efficient procedure for confirming the presence of a liver hemangioma when other types of imaging technology provide inconclusive results.



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Approximate duration:

  • 3 to 4 hours
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