Young women could be receiving unnecessary pelvic exams

Photo (c) fstop123 – Getty Images

(Kristen Dalli/ ConsumerAffairs) — A new study conducted by researchers from the University of California at San Diego found that pelvic exams, which are often used to detect cervical cancer and other conditions, may not always be necessary, especially for young women.

The study revealed that millions of young women are receiving these tests without real cause for concern, and the danger lies in the anxiety and stress that exams like these can yield. The researchers note that they can also be a factor in driving up insurance costs.

“Recent media reports have called attention to inappropriate gynecological examinations in young women,” said Dr. George F. Sawaya.

“Parents of adolescents and young women should be aware that cervical cancer screenings is not recommended routinely in this age group. Pelvic exams are not necessary prior to getting most contraceptives and are often not needed to screen for sexually transmissible infections.” (…)

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