Yo-Yo dieting harmful to women’s hearts

(Healthday) — A lot of people struggle to maintain their ideal weight, but repeatedly losing and regaining pounds — known as yo-yo dieting — probably won’t do your heart any favors.

A new study found that women who lost at least 10 pounds, but then put that weight back on within a year, were more likely to have risk factors for heart disease. The more times someone went on a yo-yo diet, the worse their heart health.

Yo-yo dieting also wasn’t helping women keep their weight in a healthy range. The study found that yo-yo dieters were 82 percent less likely to be at an optimal weight.

“Weight cycling is extremely common — the range was zero to 20 cycles — and a history of one or more episodes of weight cycling was associated with a poorer health score,” said study author Brooke Aggarwal. She’s an assistant professor of medical sciences at Columbia University Medical Center in New York City. (…)

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