Woman says her dog sniffed out ovarian cancer 4 times

Stephanie Herfel has had cancer off and on for six years. While it can be stressful and challenging, she tries focusing on the positives. Courtesy Stephanie Herfel

(Meghan Holohan/ Today) — In 2013, Stephanie Herfel moved from California to Wisconsin and, soon after, she noticed a surprising weight gain. Her diet and exercise hadn’t changed, yet she put on 60 pounds. When she started experiencing belly pain that doubled her over, she decided to visit an emergency room for answers.

“It was so bad that my yoga pants even hurt,” Herfel, 53, of Madison, told TODAY. “They told me I had an ovarian cyst.”

Doctors prescribed pain medication for what they called a benign cyst, she said, and she started feeling better.

A few months passed and she took a vacation. When she returned, she noticed unusual behavior from her Husky, Sierra. (…)

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