What you can and can’t do during Quebec’s holiday lockdown

Non-essential business will have to close from Dec. 25 through Jan. 10. Photo: Allen Mcinnis /Montreal Gazette

(Jesse Feith/ The Montreal Gazette) — On Dec. 25, non-essential businesses in Quebec will close as the province enters what Premier François Legault has called a needed “holiday pause” to curb the spread of COVID-19.

The restrictions come as Quebec battles a worsening second wave of COVID-19 infections, recording roughly 2,000 cases a day while hospitalizations continue to climb.

Legault has said the current situation is not sustainable and the lockdown is needed to protect the province’s health-care network from becoming overwhelmed.

“But there’s something we can’t really control: what’s going to happen in houses,” Legault said during a news conference Tuesday. “Please, follow the rules and don’t invite friends into your home.”

Here’s what the partial lockdown, in effect until Jan. 11, will mean for those spending the holidays in Quebec, as explained by the province’s health department. (…)

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