What is hyperparathyroidism?

(WebMD) — Your body needs calcium from head to toe. But there are times when your body can have so much calcium that it’s not good for you. A condition called hyperparathyroidism can cause such a situation to happen, where your levels of calcium in your blood and tissues are too high. And it has nothing to do with how much milk you drink.

In your neck, there are four similar glands — each about the size of a grain of rice — called parathyroid glands. They make a hormone that helps keep your amount of calcium at just the right level. But when even one of those glands makes too much of the hormone, the result is hyperparathyroidism.

The hormone, called parathyroid hormone, has three ways it can raise your calcium level: It can tell your bones to release some calcium, tell your small intestine to absorb more calcium into your bloodstream, or tell your kidneys to hang on to more calcium instead of sending it out of your body in your pee. (…)

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