Treating postpartum depression without pharmaceuticals: here’s what experts say

(Mary Sauer/ Romper) — With the release of the new FDA-approved medication, Brexanolone, which is indicated for the treatment of postpartum depression, treatments for perinatal mood and anxiety disorders are in the spotlight. While many voices in the medical community are excited about what this could mean for the future of postpartum depression treatment, the drug has been met with some hesitancy.

“I’m optimistic that it will show promise for more women,” says Dr. Kecia Gaither, a board-certified physician in obstetrics & gynecology, and maternal fetal medicine. “I think perhaps a breakthrough has been made, I do think that there needs to be more time and research done on lasting effects.”

Since Brexanolone is an option for a very specific set of women, new mothers who have been diagnosed with severe postpartum depression, it isn’t right for all moms. Perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMADs) present in varying severity with a unique set of symptoms from mom-to-mom. Although antidepressants are an option for many moms, postpartum depression can be treated without pharmaceuticals. Here’s when and how. (…)

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