Study: leave benign ovarian cysts in place

Researchers say that monitoring benign ovarian cysts may be a better choice for many women instead of surgical removal. Photo by Andrei Rahalski/Shutterstock

(Robert Preidt/ HealthDay News) — It’s a common gynecological finding: A growth on an ovary, which turns out to be a benign cyst. Is surgical removal necessary?

Not always, according to data from a new study of more than 1,900 such cases in which outcomes were tracked for two years post-diagnosis.

The team behind the research now believes that most women with non-cancerous ovarian cysts can simply be monitored over time, instead of having invasive surgery to remove the growths.

“Our results may lead to a paradigm shift, resulting in less surgery for non-cancerous ovarian cysts — on condition that trained ultrasound examiners reliably exclude cancer,” said co-lead researcher Tom Bourne. He’s a professor at Imperial College London in the United Kingdom. (…)

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