Sitting all day can raise your risk of cancer

Sitting at a desk or on the couch all day can increase our risk of getting cancer. Unsplash

(Katy Gillett/ The National) — It’s something many of us have heard before: sitting too much can kill us. But a new study that was published on Thursday is the first to definitively show a strong association between not moving and cancer death.

That being said, the research also proved that with one small lifestyle tweak we can reduce our risk of getting cancer by up to 31 per cent.

All we have to do is move for an extra 30 minutes a day.

“Our findings reinforce that it’s important to ‘sit less and move more’,” said lead author Dr Susan Gilchrist, an associate professor of clinical cancer prevention at the MD Anderson Cancer Centre at the University of Texas.

That doesn’t mean working an intense HIIT routine or any vigorous cardio into your day, however. It can be as simple as taking a half-hour stroll on your lunch break, walking while you talk during meetings or frequently taking the stairs. (…)

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