Probiotics might not help your gut microbiome and could prevent return to healthy state, studies say

(Australian Broadcasting Corporation) — Is there much benefit in the average person taking over-the-counter probiotics? Research released last week says no — and suggests that in some cases, it could even cause harm.

Our guts are home to colonies of bacteria, collectively known as a microbiome, that aid digestion and help keep us healthy. Probiotics are “good bacteria” taken in food or supplement form, that are thought to contribute to this gut microbiome.

But while over-the-counter probiotics are popularly viewed as enhancing health or helping protect against certain ailments, scientific evidence really only points to probiotics being effective for a few specific conditions.

Two studies published last Thursday in the journal Cell looked at how well over-the-counter probiotics populated a healthy gut, and how well they helped a person’s gut recover after antibiotics. (…)

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