Point of View: Patience, please — waiting for cancer surgery during a pandemic

‘They’ve cancelled my surgery,’ says freelance writer Dan David. ‘I deserve to know what’s happening. It is my life, after all. But I’m not angry. I could be but I choose to understand instead.’ (Submitted by Taionrén:hote Dan David)

(Onrén:hote Dan David/ CBC News ) — Five days after the Montreal General Hospital cancelled my surgery, I had questions that needed answers: “Why?” and “What next?”

I’m a cancer patient. Last year, I beat throat cancer. This year, about a month ago, I found out I have bowel cancer and need an operation. The sooner, the better.

We found it early, so there’s a good chance for a full recovery. The longer we leave things, the slimmer are my chances of coming out of this without complications.

It was all straightforward until COVID-19 became more than someone else’s problem. It became mine.

Sometime in the two weeks after my surgery date was set, everything changed for everybody heading for a Montreal hospital.

The person who gave me the bad news about my postponed operation had the same news for everyone: all surgeries had been cancelled at the Montreal General. (…)

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