Mother reveals how her ‘guardian angel’ son found her breast cancer by refusing to feed

Joanne at home in Liverpool with her “guardian angel.” Dougie is now five-years-old.

(Leigh McManus/ Daily Mail) — A mother has told how her then 14-month-old son found her breast cancer – by refusing to take milk from her right breast.

Joanne Carr, 37, from Liverpool, had breastfed her son Dougie since the day he was born without any problems, but 14 months on, she said he started to refuse milk from her right nipple.

It prompted her to check her chest, where she found a pea-sized lump, and medics diagnosed her with breast cancer in her breast milk duct.

She said she would never have found it if Dougie, now five, hadn’t rejected her breast – a sign that something was blocking the duct or misshaping her breast. (…)

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