Her baby wouldn’t breastfeed. It turned out she had breast cancer. Is there a link?

(SurvivorNet) — Can breast cancer change the way your breast milk tastes to your baby?

This question comes after a somewhat shocking story of a now 37-year-old British woman named Joanne Carr, who says she was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer after her then 14-month-old son, Dougie, refused to feed from her right breast.

Carr, who hadn’t noticed any other signs of breast cancer, says she had been breastfeeding Dougie with no issue for over a year. That’s why, in 2015, when her baby stopped feeding from her right breast, Carr began to wonder whether something might be wrong.

“He fed on the other [breast] fine,” Carr told Yahoo UK. “I thought I might have a blocked duct or something. It was very strange.”

It was only after Dougie stopped feeding from Carr’s right breast that she decided to give herself a breast self-exam—and found a pea-sized lump.

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