Family learns BRCA test was wrong — after 7 women had major surgery

Women outside of the Supreme Court as arguments were made in a case seeking to determine whether human genes can be patented by Myriad Genetics.

(Sara Dorn/ New York Post) — A series of lab tests that detected a potentially dangerous gene in seven women from one family were wrong, the family learned earlier this year — after they underwent major surgeries to reduce their chances of cancer.

“I treated my test results like the Bible,” Katy Mathes, a 37-year-old Colorado elementary school teacher told The Wall Street Journal. “There was no questioning the report.”

The results showed she had up to an 84% risk of breast cancer by age 70; the risk for the general population is about 7.3% at that age.

Mathes, her younger sister, their mother and four relatives had surgery to remove their ovaries and fallopian tubes. Mathes and her sister also had double mastectomies. (…)

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