Dr Tozzi Discusses Developments in Breast Cancer Screening and what Makes VMmed Special

Dr. Daniel Tozzi completed his medical training at McGill University in Montreal and is Licentiate of the Medical Council of Canada (LMCC). Dr. Tozzi’s interest in breast cancer started with his surgical internship and training in surgery at the Montreal General and Royal Victoria Hospitals where he worked alongside with Dr Normand Belliveau, founder of the Ville Marie (VMmed) Breast Center. Beginning with a general practice in 1974, Dr. Tozzi gained experience in many fields of medicine including emergency, obstetrics, and preventive medicine. As Director of Professional Services and Head of General Medicine at Fleury Hospital for two years, he gained significant experience in health care delivery. In addition to his duties as Director of Professional Services and Head of General Medicine, Dr. Tozzi also founded the Fleury Hospital Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) Clinic in 1977. Dr. Tozzi was also Director of Canadian Grand-Prix Medical Clinic for twenty years.

With VMmed since 1994, and having completed formal training in breast medicine and imaging, Dr. Tozzi’s practice now focuses almost exclusively on breast and breast-related illnesses. With his years of breast cancer screening experience, his training and experiences in humanities, surgery and general medicine, he strives to bring a more holistic and human approach to treating breast illnesses. Thanks to the on-site VMmed multidisciplinary team, Dr. Tozzi applies the latest screening technologies and preventative tools in his patient evaluations. His clinical judgment, forged by many years of field experience, is an enormous asset to the Center and to his patients.

Questions and Answers with our esteemed Dr. Tozzi:

  1. Is your screening process for breast cancer different since you started working at VMmed?

A lot has changed over 20 years; there was only mammography when I first started. There were no ultrasounds, no MRI or PET scan then. We now have a multidisciplinary team and we have advanced imaging to support diagnoses.

  1. What services do you find important or unique that VMmed offers?

Same day results and a multidisciplinary team. Being able to screen and detect a patient’s case in one day and have the results in the same day is something very unique to Canada. We are very proud of our rapid diagnostic breast cancer model and we are proud to help our patients any way we can.

  1. What is the newest technology to screen breasts?

Molecular imaging. I believe that mammography will probably disappear in the next 5-10 years.

  1. Please comment on mammography, is it enough?

No. We need other imaging modalities because no perfect test has been introduced for breast cancer detection.

  1. Are you still learning when it comes to breast cancer?


  1. What makes your job so special to you?

Women, and of course the support staff, medical and personnel.

  1. Comment on VMmed and the support staff.

Great team all working together for one cause.