Does poor sleep in your 50s warn of Alzheimer’s?

(Robert Sanders/ Futurity) — People who report worsening sleep quality as they age from their 50s to their 60s have more protein tangles in their brain, putting them at higher risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease later in life, according to a new study.

The new finding highlights the importance of sleep at every age to maintain a healthy brain into later life.

“Insufficient sleep across the lifespan is significantly predictive of your development of Alzheimer’s disease pathology in the brain,” says the study’s senior author, Matthew Walker, a sleep researcher and professor of psychology at the University of California, Berkeley.

“Unfortunately, there is no decade of life that we were able to measure during which you can get away with less sleep. There is no Goldilocks decade during which you can say, ‘This is when I get my chance to short sleep.’” (…)

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