COVID-19 continues to impact cancer patients and their treatments: survey

Photo: Jakub Cejpek/

(Canadian Press) — A new survey indicates that Quebecers with cancer are still feeling the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic when it comes to services offered by the health network.

The second survey by the Coalition priorite cancer au Quebec, in the works since April, reveals that one out of two respondents say their treatments have been slowed by the pandemic.

About 65 per cent of patients surveyed are still living with increased anxiety or mental health problems due to COVID-19.

The survey specified most needs among those surveyed are associated to access to their specialists.

In light of these results, the Coalition is proposing for the government to use health centres located outside hospitals to resume cancer treatments that usually take place within them. CLSCs and home care could be options, the Coalition says. (…)

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