COVID-19 cases drop in warm weather, but not much

(Steven Reinberg/ HealthDay News) — So many questions remain unanswered about COVID-19, including whether the pandemic coronavirus will wane with warmer weather, like some other respiratory viruses.

In search of an answer, researchers at Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge, Mass., studied the effects of temperature, precipitation and sunlight (UV index) on the number of COVID-19 cases across the United States during the spring.

The investigators found that the rate of infections declined as temperatures warmed up to 52 degrees Fahrenheit. But reductions beyond that temperature threshold were modest.

A higher UV index also slowed new cases, but the effect was modest, and rain appeared to have no effect, the study found.

“While the rate of virus transmission may slow down as the maximum daily temperature rises to around 50 degrees, the effects of temperature rise beyond that don’t seem to be significant,” said first author Dr. Shiv Sehra, director of Mount Auburn’s internal medicine residency program. (…)

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