Consumer Reports ranks top sunscreens for 2018

(Brenda Goodman/ WebMD) — Despite concerns about chemical sunscreens, they protect you better from the sun than “natural” sunscreens, Consumer Reports’ latest sunscreen report finds.

No natural sunscreen — products made with titanium dioxide, zinc oxide or both as active ingredients — made its list of 13 recommended products this year. The magazine tested 73 lotions, sprays, and sticks.

“In the past 6 years of sunscreen testing, we haven’t found a mineral product that offers both top-notch UVA and UVB protection and meets its labeled SPF,” reads the report, which is in the July issue. Rankings and other information are also on the Consumer Reports website.

SPF, or sun protection factor, is a measure of how long sunscreen protects you from radiation from the sun that can damage your skin. Dermatologists may recommend natural sunscreens for children and others with sensitive skin.

Other people have turned to natural options over concerns that chemical sunscreens may have health risks. A 2016 report from the Consumer Reports National Research Center found that nearly half of the 1,000 sunscreen users surveyed said they look for a natural product.

Mineral sunscreens may also be kinder to coral reefs, which get bleached, or killed, by certain sunscreen chemicals, especially oxybenzone. Oxybenzone has become such as concern that Hawaii has banned sunscreens that contain it starting in 2021. (…)

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