‘Christmas Tree Syndrome’ could make your family sick

(Fox8live.com) — Decking the halls is a fun family tradition around the holidays, but hanging those decorations could have hazardous consequences.

“Christmas Tree Syndrome,” or CTS, can be deadly to family and friends who suffer from allergies, asthma, or other respiratory issues.

According to a study by Upstate Medical University, Christmas trees of all kinds, including their needles and bark, can house up to 53 different types of mold.

Artificial trees can also trigger CTS because they house dust and other spores.

The study says anything stored for 11 months will harbor harmful mold spores, including lights and ornaments.

The samples collected from various decorations during the study contained a variety of molds that could increase the risk of wheeze, persistent cough and allergic sensitization in infants. (…)

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