Carcinogens in BBQ smoke absorbed more by skin than lungs

(Tim Newman/ Medical News Today) — By monitoring a group of people enjoying a barbecue, Chinese researchers discover that the carcinogens in barbecue smoke are more likely to enter our bodies through our skin than our lungs.

Air pollution is a massive global problem, but, for most of us, there is little we can do to limit our exposure to poor quality air.

However, during the summer season, many of us willingly stand next to a device that pumps out harmful emissions: the humble barbecue (BBQ).

In the United States and farther afield, the BBQ is an incredibly popular outdoor event.

Family members and friends have been joining together to eat grilled foods since the invention of fire.

For instance, according to the authors of a recent study, on July 4, 2016, 87 percent of people in the U.S. used an outdoor grill. (…)

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