Canadian Cancer Society wants more people to screen for colon cancer

The Canadian Cancer Society is urging Quebecers over 50 to do a easy test to screen for colon cancer, so they can catch symptoms early.

(Canadian Press) — In the absence of a systematic screening program for colon cancer, the Canadian Cancer Society is encouraging Quebecers aged 50 to 74 to take the steps themselves to find out about this often silent killer.

March is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, and the disease is second-deadliest form of cancer in Quebec (after lung cancer).

The Canadian Cancer Society is reminding citizens that a test that can be done in the comfort of your own bathroom is easily available with a doctor’s prescription.

The RSOSi test consists of taking a stool sample that can be analyzed in the laboratory to detect the slightest presence of blood. These traces of blood, sometimes invisible to the naked eye, can be a sign of cancer even before symptoms appear.

If the test result is positive, a colonoscopy is then needed to make a diagnosis. Colonoscopies can also remove possible polyps, these small masses of flesh on the walls of the large intestine that can turn into cancer. (…)

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