AI can predict an abnormal chest X-ray

(Jennifer Kite-Powell/ Forbes) — New research from WMG at the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom shows that artificial intelligence (AI) can reduce the time needed to process abnormal chest x-rays and prioritize which x-rays need to be expedited.

The research was led by Professor Giovanni Montana, Chair in Data Science in WMG at Warwick University. His team worked with Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospitals in the UK to extract a dataset of half million anonymized adult chest X-Rays to teach the AI system to understand visual patterns in X-rays that predicted and assessed urgency levels and recognize in real time, abnormalities in those X-rays.

Montana says that by using this AI technology, a radiologist will be able to potentially detect abnormal radiological scans as soon as they are acquired, even before the patient leaves the hospital. (…)

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