Acetaminophen (Tylenol) while pregnant linked with difficult childhood behaviors

(Janice Wood/ Psych Central) — A new study has found a link between taking acetaminophen — also known as paracetamol, brand name Tylenol — while pregnant, and hyperactivity, attention problems, and other difficult behaviors in young children.

Using questionnaire and school information from Bristol’s Children of the 90s study, researchers examined 14,000 children.

When they were seven months pregnant 43 percent of their mothers said they had taken paracetamol “sometimes or more often” during the previous three months.

Researchers then examined results of the children’s memory, IQ, and pre-school development tests, temperament and behavior measures. They found an association between paracetamol intake and hyperactivity and attention problems, as well as with other difficult behaviors with young children. However, this was no longer the case by the time the children reached the end of primary school. (…)

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