A new study suggests eating poultry may help to reduce your risk of breast cancer

(Yasmin Noone/SBS) — A new study, released this week in the International Journal of Cancer, suggests that substituting lean poultry for red meat could decrease your risk of breast cancer.

International researchers analysed the data of around 42,000 women from the USA and Puerto Rico, and then followed their results for almost eight years to determine if an association between meat consumption and the risk of breast cancer exists.

“…our study does provide evidence that substituting poultry for red meat may be a simple change that can help reduce the incidence of breast cancer.”

During the follow-up, 1,536 invasive breast cancers were diagnosed. The findings revealed that women who ate the highest amount of red meat had a 23 per cent higher risk than those who ate the lowest.

Red meat for the purpose of the study included beef, veal, pork, lamb and game meat. (…)

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