3D printed heart gets closer to reality with breakthrough bioprinting method

(Lucy Ingham/ The Verdict) — A 3D printed heart that can be custom created for those needing a transplant has been a goal for some time, but recreating the highly complex organ has remained a dream so far. However, a new bioprinting technique could prove a key step on the road to making it a reality.

Detailed Aug. 1 for the first time in the journal Science, the technique allows tissue scaffolds to be 3D printed out of collagen – the key protein that forms structures in humans.

This is significant because it for the first time enables the underlying frame of the human heart to be 3D printed at full scale, creating a vital foundation for the ultimate goal of a full replacement organ.

And notably, the researchers behind the breakthrough, from Carnegie Mellon University, have used the technique to successfully recreate the underlying structure of specific human hearts. (…)

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