23andMe testing for breast cancer gene may be highly unreliable, study finds

(SurvivorNet) — In a new study, researchers found that popular 23andMe’s genetic test for a dangerous mutation associated with breast cancer isn’t reliable.

According to researchers, the test doesn’t catch the mutations for 90 percent of women. The study was presented at the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics annual meeting, but it’s important to know that it hasn’t been peer reviewed and published yet. The mutation in question is called BRCA.

23andMe says that the results have been dramatized, and that their website is clear about the limitations of the test. Also, the researchers behind the study are from Invitae, a genetic testing rival of 23andMe.

But the study’s findings are with a lot of smaller studies, so experts seem to believe the study is pretty sound. (…)

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